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Dr. Mark Noar

Head Surgeon and CEO

Endoscopic Microsurgery Associates




Therapeutic and Surgical Endoscopy Fellowship 1986-1987

Department of Surgical Endoscopy

University Hospital Hamburg

Hamburg, West Germany

Professor Nib Soehendra, Chairman

Gastroenterolgy Fellowship - 1984-1986

SUNY Downstate/Brooklyn V. A.

Brooklyn, NY

Internal Medicine Residency -  1981-1984

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, NE

Fifth Pathway Program -  1980-1981

CMDNJ-Newark Beth Israel Hospital

Newark, NJ

[New!]Dr. Mark Noar Named "Reflux Hero" by Reflux1.com.

(Read All About It)


  • Development and Validation of Porcine Model and Course Material for Teaching and Certifying Competency in ERCP and Therapeutic Endoscopy.

  • Development and Validation of Endoscopy Simulation Models for EGD, Colonoscopy, Cholangioscopy and ERCP.

  • Development of Endoscope Circulating Disinfection Pump System

  • Efficacy and Safety  of STRETTA Anti-reflux Procedures

  • Gastric Dymotility and Relationship to GERD


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